The Brand

alo–be is an all-natural organic grain-free baby food that aims to provide complex flavors for babies and toddlers to foster a developed palette for the future and a sense of curiosity. The brand revolves around the attributes of: natural, conscious, conscientious, wholesome and genuine. The name is inspired by the Vietnamese roots of the founders, combining alo (phonetically ā-lō) and be (bé), meaning "hello baby." 


Brand Integration

The brand is applied across a range of media and collateral to fully encompass all that alo-be is. Logos, patterning and the iconic smiley face makes its appearance in nearly all aspects of the branding, from the signage to digital applications. Green and orange are highlighted as the main colors of the brand to give off a natural, genuine and comforting feel.


The Process

The process started with creating a brand story and mission as well as ideating on names, colors and attributes for what eventually became alo-be. There was an in-depth dive into the motivations behind alo-be, competitive research, moodboard inspirations and decisions behind the brand.